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Did you know that collective celebration is not only fun but is vital to your team culture? When your entire bank is unified around a specific celebration that is rooted in your core values, you help create long lasting ties amongst team and start meaningful connections between your employees and your customers.

Look ahead and mark your calendar for how you can collectively celebrate this month.

For each key date, ask yourself if any of your company’s core values or mission ties into any of these. Chances are, more than one does and your team will grow stronger as a result of taking a moment to celebrate together.


National Kindness Week (November 7-13)

  • Intentionally encourage a coworker.
  • Take a co-worker (or all of them if you’re the boss) out to lunch.
  • As a team, donate your time to a charity or organization.

Veterans Day (November 11)

  • Provide a free gift to every Veteran who visits your branch.
  • Find a creative way to display names of family members who were or are veterans. Customers could add their families’ or friends’ names to the display, too. 

Entrepreneurs Day (November 15)

  • Ask each staff member who their favorite local business owner is, and create social media posts that tag each of the businesses to celebrate entrepreneurs and promote local shopping.
  • Have your favorite local restaurant cater a company wide lunch.

Thanksgiving (November 24)

  • Create a “I’m thankful for___________” jar where all employees and customers can fill out what they are thankful for and add it to the jar.
  • Host a Friendsgiving potluck lunch and share what people put in the jar. It’s nice to hear what others are grateful for and reminds us how blessed we are. 

Giving Tuesday (November 29)

  • Ask each staff member what their favorite cause is and why to create social posts in support and/or an email blast to encourage generosity.

Have a fun story about how your team celebrated together? Email it to We love to see the impact that collective celebration has on culture. 

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