Who’s On What? Social Media Users by Age

By January 20, 2021Inbound Marketing

In 2020, social media users topped 3.6 billion as the pandemic pushed use by more than 20 percent in March alone. Every business should be implementing a robust social media strategy to connect with its customers, drive engagement and even generate sales or donations directly from these platforms. And there’s no need to be on all channels: the key is knowing your audience and knowing where they access their social media. Below is a quick list of the major platforms and users by age. (With thanks to Courtney Gurr’s blog post: https://blog.thatagency.com/social-media-strategy-marketers)

  • LinkedIn: Most users have a college/advanced degree, and their incomes tend to be higher.
  • Twitter: 63 percent of all Twitter users worldwide are between the ages of 35 and 65.
  • Instagram: Instagram skews more toward younger users:
    • Age 18-29: 67%
    • Age 30-49: 47%
    • Age 50-64: 23%
    • Age 65+: 8%
  • Snapchat: Most users are under the age of 34.
  • Facebook: Facebook, while not as popular as Snapchat or Instagram with younger users, does span a wide range of ages.
    • Facebook users are 1.19 billion female and 1.51 billion male.
    • Age 25-34: 32.5%
      • Male users (19.3%)
      • Female users (13.2%) 
    • Age 18-24: 23.8%
    • Age  35-44: 16.9%
    • Age 45-64: 16.7% 
    • Seniors aged 65+: 4.8%
  • Pinterest: 25 percent more women use Pinterest than men.
  • TikTok: Although TikTok is fairly secretive about its user demographics, one analysis revealed that 40 percent of TikTokers are under age 20 and another 26 percent are under 30.
  • YouTube: Everyone uses YouTube! So everyone should use this platform.

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