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Football season is upon us and there is a high level of hope and excitement as players, coaches and loyal fans anticipate a winning season. There is something very special about the camaraderie and the coming together for a single cause that brings to mind the power of a team. In the world of football, teams have been working since last year’s final play to prepare for this season – to make this season greater than the season before.

Let’s think about this in terms of your business. Teamwork. Coming together for a common cause. Working day in and day out to make this year better than the year before. Putting strategies in motion to deliver for your customers and clients. Is your team set to WIN?

Here’s what I mean:

W – Work together.

The strength of a great team lies in knowing that everyone is a contributor to its success. No matter what position they play, they are an integral part of the team. Each member of your team needs to know that his or her job is crucial. Even if they don’t have direct contact with your customers, what they do impacts the ultimate customer experience. Everyone plays a role and needs to be valued for their contribution.

The strength of a great team lies in knowing that everyone is a contributor to its success.

I – Invest time.

Building a team takes time – time to listen and to respond. Make it a practice to regularly ask each department, “What can we do to better deliver what we promise our customers?” Often your best ideas will come from your own employees. They are the ones working the systems and interfacing with the customers. It is practically guaranteed that day in and day out they are forming solutions in their minds to improve how things can be done.

N — Never settle.

Build a team that goes above and beyond. A memorable customer experience is one in which expectations are exceeded. It’s easy to do what everyone else is doing. Do more. Figure out something that makes your service unique. Zappos is a great example of a company that didn’t settle for the status quo. In a digital world, where there is no face-to-face interaction, they have managed to make customers feel special. Zappos culture has been built around the motto, “anything worth doing is worth doing with WOW.”  They’ve made it their mission to wow customers with service and experience, not discounts and promotions. Zappos has been very successful in building a unique culture within, which produces a memorable and lasting impression on their customers. They do this by continually meeting and exceeding the standards they have set for themselves.

Have you put together a winning team for your customers and clients?  It’s never too late to build a legacy of doing extraordinary things for those who work for you and those you serve.


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