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‘Tis the Season for a Joyous Workplace 

The holidays are here again and, like you, we are pretty excited to celebrate the end of 2020! 

When we first switched to a fully remote work environment back in March, it was not without its challenges. However, nine months into our virtual transition, it’s safe to say that we have successfully zoomed, screen-shared, and slacked our way back into business-as-usual. But December brings an unusual challenge to our new digital routines – how do we bring the joy and community of the holidays into our now isolated workspaces? 

Finding ways to balance our need to maintain social distance while simultaneously encouraging “togetherness” is a tall order, but this is exactly what many organizations are hoping to provide this season.

Here are just some of the innovative ways you can use virtual experiences to strengthen your company culture this holiday season, despite the distance.

Prioritize Your People

We often talk about how maintaining a strong company culture in any work environment takes a lot of care and attention from leadership. Good company culture heavily relies on empathy in the workplace. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that there is always more room in the world for empathy. 

Remember that the holidays are generally a joyous time of year, but for many, the holidays are also filled with stress and/or grief. Take the extra few minutes to check-in with your team, connect as people first. 

Office Party 2.0 

While our office holiday parties may look entirely different this year, planning a company-wide celebration is more important than ever.  By now we’ve all experienced at least one awkward zoom-party or two, but don’t be discouraged by the challenges presented with planning something different this season.

With the right people (your team!) and a little pre-planning, you too can make something fun come together that might become a tradition all its own. Just make sure your team has everything they need to fully participate. If it’s a virtual happy hour – arrange a beverage-of-choice delivery to their door, if you plan to host a holiday movie diorama contest – send them craft supplies to kick things off. Ask your team what they’d like to do and make a plan! 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Virtual Secret Santas
  • Ugly Sweater Contests
  • Home Office Holiday Decoration Contests

Remember that creating virtual opportunities for your team to gather and revel in the holiday spirit does more than boost morale, it reaffirms community within your organization. 

Necessity may very well be the mother of invention, and this holiday season may be our most inventive yet! If you would like more suggestions on more ways to live your brand this holiday season, contact us today.

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