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Here at Thoma Thoma, we don’t just like social media marketing. Oh no–we love it! And what better time to celebrate that love than on the day of love itself? In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, learn about the life lessons we can take away from both online dating and social media marketing below.


Differentiate Yourself
Whether you’re promoting yourself or promoting your brand, there are hundreds–if not thousands–of other opportunities out there. When it comes to differentiating yourself, intriguing content is the equivalent to a stellar personality in the dating world. Even if you have an industry that is seemingly unexciting, expert social media posts targeting the right audience will quickly capture the attention of your dream client.
Be Clear About Your Intentions
Like your momma always said– “Be yourself.” Sure, you could embellish a few characteristics to better attract suitors, but in the end, the truth always comes out, and that could erode your reputation. Provide honest and accurate information, take the time to interact with people and let your followers know the real you. A happy customer, or date, will want to engage with you for a long time. One that feels like he was duped though? Not so much.


Be Thoughtful and Put In Effort
In business and in dating, nice guys don’t finish last. Treat interactions with social media followers the way you would a potential date (a platonic, completely professional date). Show them you care about them, you hear their needs and can provide value. Don’t think of your followers as potential sales. Think of them as relationships.
Take Things Slow
Love at first sight doesn’t work for everyone, and it’s the same in marketing! In rom-coms, there’s usually a lovestruck, childhood best friend who spends his life quietly supporting his love interest before an end-of-movie wedding. And that’s life! In the marketing world, the same situation happens–a potential client sees your business, likes your business and trusts your business; but the timing just isn’t right. Eventually, it will be, and you’ll be there to swoop in for that final kiss… we mean, business meeting.


Be Realistic
Everybody has “that dating story.” You know the one–where the blind date talks about her ex-boyfriend the entire evening, or when he orders hundreds of dollars worth of shellfish then suggests splitting the bill. Social media has its fair share of horror stories, too– just ask Pepsi, Dove, Facebook or any big name business. If you make a mistake, be honest, apologize quickly and course correct so it doesn’t happen again.


Happily Ever After
Both dating and marketing have the same goal–to attract solid, valuable relationships. When the timing is right, and you utilize the tips above, you’ll find your perfect match. And if you need a little help, don’t hesitate to contact Thoma! We have the expertise and background to find your perfect match.

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