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I recently came across content marketer Grace MacDonald’s blog outlining the steps for effectively using LinkedIn and its paid tools to market webinars and found it really helpful.

MacDonald outlines the process in four easy steps that can be modified to fit your situation, budget and time resources. She makes a valid argument for using webinars as a great B2B marketing tool citing Demand Gen Report’s survey of B2B buyers’ content preference in which roughly half of buyers (48%) described webinars as the most valuable content format for the middle stages of the buyer journey. (2019 data)

She couples that data point with B2B marketers in the Content Marketing Institute’s Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report which consistently rate LinkedIn as the most important channel for content distribution.

Taken together, pairing LinkedIn and your webinar offerings makes good sense. 

After developing the appropriate marketing tools and webinar invitations (as simple as an email and brief description framing the purpose, value and take-aways) she advises promoting your webinar through organic social touchpoints, including your LinkedIn Page. “Through a LinkedIn Page, you can target content so that you’re promoting your webinar specifically to your most relevant audiences. If your audiences stretch across regions and languages, you can target your promotion by profile language as well. The Content Suggestions feature of the new LinkedIn Pages can be a useful input to the webinar planning process, identifying the subject areas that your key target audiences are engaging with.” 

MacDonald also suggests creating a simple 30-second or less video to introduce your speakers and promote the webinar. 

If you want to use LinkedIn’s paid marketing tools, MacDonald suggests the following: “Use Sponsored Content to scale the reach of your social creative and video content, and use Sponsored InMail for personalized invitations to high-value prospects. However, these aren’t the only options available for promoting your webinar through paid media on LinkedIn. Don’t overlook the impact of Dynamic Ads and Text Ads – particularly if you’re working with a shoestring budget.”

After the event, MacDonald reminds marketers that moving the webinar to an OnDemand offering can keep the leads flowing long after the actual event.  

As soon as the pandemic sent most of the business world into online, work-from-home mode, we began beating the drum for using webinars to attract prospects and move them into your sales pipeline. MacDonald lays out smart and cost-efficient strategies to make that happen.

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