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It’s hard to remember a time when we were not tethered to our devices. The days when we could simply leave the office for the night and trust that our work would be patiently waiting for us the next morning are gone.

With the holidays around the corner, let’s take a moment to re-examine the way we use technology, particularly while on vacation.

How many times have you sat down to dinner with your family but end up checking your inbox? Do you find yourself texting “just one more thought…” to your colleagues after hours? (guilty)

Whether you’re someone who thrives on work or struggles to press pause – the illusion that we are all always “on-call” is a work cycle that is tough to break.

To help you unplug in the name of self-care, we’ve compiled a few easy, no-cost ways to set strong boundaries for yourself (and your team) to ensure a relaxing holiday.

1. Vacation Reminders

Setting an auto-reply in your email is a no-brainer. This set-it-and-forget-it feature reminds everyone that you’re on vacation and not living in your inbox. It allows you to redirect email inquiries to your team member who is holding down the fort.

Don’t be afraid to ignore your inbox the entire time your auto-reply is active. Trust that your contacts will respect your vacation time (they will) and that your on-call support will ensure everything runs smoothly (they will).

2. “Do Not Disturb” Features

Do Not Disturb features are the best. Nearly every app on your phone comes with its own DND setting. You can even be so bold as to place your entire phone on DND mode!

Customize your settings to fit your self-care needs. If it’s work-related, mute it all until you’re back. Limiting your push notifications is good for your soul and helps you maintain a healthier work/life balance.

3. Schedule it For Later

It is true that for some, self-care does include catching up on work during the holidays. The ability to work at your own pace and feel extra organized for the New Year can be very rewarding. However, remember that your team needs (and deserves!) the ability to unplug too.

4. Trust Your Team

Another simple way to help yourself unplug this holiday season is to trust the people (or systems) you’ve left in charge.

Remember that most businesses and vendors are also taking time off this season. It’s okay to trust that the people who are on-call will alert you if something comes up that truly needs your attention.

Self-care during the holidays looks different for everyone. 

Give yourself grace this season by taking the time to unplug. We promise you’ll find yourself fresh and well-rested when it’s time to log back on.

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