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We’re proud to unveil the new 2014 Thoma Thoma, which has been delicately redesigned to more effectively serve our clients. Here are the changes you’ll notice in this latest edition of the 25 year model.

Brian Hodges, co-creator of HodgeBall, has raised his facial hair game, along with his creativity, and is being promoted to Art Director at Thoma. Brian has taken the lead on just about every Thoma client and continues to grow as a creative talent at a rate comparable to his rampaging beard.

Brian Hodges Art Director

Beverly Hall joined our firm at the start of the new year as Comptroller. If this sounds like a scary, really important title, that’s because it is. It has something to do with her standing between us and financial oblivion, so we’re glad she’s here. Oh and she’s also quite pleasant.

Beverly Hall Comptroller

We said goodbye to our longtime accountant/house mom Veeta Biggers, who put in 20 years with the firm. While this is more of a subtraction than addition, we never miss an opportunity to dote on this great lady.

Veeta Biggers Retired

Stephanie Drangle took on a new role in 2014 as Production Manager for the agency. This means she is going to make us all more accountable, which in turn means that we’ll probably all grow to despise her in about two weeks. But our clients are going to love it. So there’s that.

Stephanie Drangle Production Manager

Even though at any given moment, we all work within a three foot radius of a Keurig machine, management deemed we could be more caffeinated/efficient if we added another one. So while we are trembling with excitement about the prospects for 2014, we have to admit intravenous coffee has a bit to do with it.


To really experience what the new Thoma 2014 has to offer, you have to see it in person. So stop by and say, hello. We’ll have the coffee waiting.

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