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Last Friday, the Thoma team started the weekend a few hours early with the premiere of six original short films written, directed and edited by… ourselves!

Over the past month we were tasked with creating a film with the only constraint being that it included the phrase, “Little Did (S/He, They, We) Know” for the fourth annual Thoma film festival. The submissions varied so much that we required outside support from special judges Lukas Deem and Joe Lusby of Retrocat Media. Cue in awesome prizes, a variety of cocktails and tasty treats from Slader’s Alaskan Dumpling Co. and we had all the makings for a fun time.

Disclaimer: These films were produced purely for fun and team building purposes, not for monetary gain, and feature material sourced from different mediums.

Watch our videos below!

People’s Choice Award
“Thoma Thoma Film Fest Rationale” by Hunter Oden

Judge’s Award
“Little Did She Know” by Suzanne Sage

Lukas Deem Original Sourcing Award
“Adventurous” by John Mark Adkison

Joe Lusby Sunshine & Joy Award
“Giraffes” by Helms Family Studios

Other Entries

“Making Breakfast” by Brian Hodges

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