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The city leadership, under the direction of the Visit Rogers, hired Thoma Thoma to unearth and articulate an identity that would resonate with all of its target audiences and allow it to unlock and channel the power that was driving its unparalleled growth.
Visit Rogers Branding
The citizenry, the town leadership and the business community immediately rallied behind their new brand position — Where Possible Lives — and quickly went to work activating this brand promise.
Thoma Thoma


Visit Rogers, the city of Rogers’ convention and visitors bureau, wanted to increase weekend leisure travel to their city. Thoma conceived, scripted and shot video segments catered to specific audiences that showcased how much there was to do in Rogers, Arkansas, on a typical weekend. The first two videos, one targeting families and the other aimed at those planning a couples getaway, were produced to complement an existing unified marketing communications program designed by Thoma.

Armed with this information, Thoma created and launched a new logo, website and brand advertising campaign that focused on the openness and inclusiveness of the town, successfully addressing current and future needs. The agency and staff developed and executed a multifaceted marketing campaign that included blogging, email marketing, social media, search engine optimization and lead generation. Thoma developed communications streams with leisure travelers, meeting planners and sports planners – engaging with each of these audience segments via marketing automation to integrate marketing and sales efforts. Over multiple years we changed the name to Visit Rogers, created innovative video marketing programs, created mobile meeting sites and welcomed exciting new attractions such as the AMP, Railyard and Lake Atalanta developments.


  • The Brand Navigator System
  • Launch of a new logo, website, and tagline
  • Multifaceted marketing plan
  • Marketing automation


Visit Rogers website traffic quintupled in three years, outpacing all other regional tourism and chamber sites and dominating key search terms. Due to the targeted promotion of expanded attractions, niche audience segments were drawn to stay in Rogers. During this time, Rogers saw a 22% growth in its hospitality tax revenue.