Who is joining us in Clubhouse?

By February 23, 2021Social Media

The social media world is constantly evolving, forcing users to find ways to keep up. Clubhouse is no exception. The newest social media giant has already started to stake its claim in the market. 

The unique platform’s focus is on audio. Users are able to create or join rooms to listen in on topics that interest them. There are multiple rooms available throughout the day and evening hours which enables users to switch between conversations with ease. While some rooms may limit who is allowed to speak, other rooms offer a conference-style approach allowing anyone to chime in with their thoughts. 

Many CEOs and celebrities are taking advantage of the platform including Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Being able to join in on a Ted-Talk-style conversation with one of these individuals is something fairly exclusive to the Clubhouse app. Though, it is expected that with time there may be a fee to listen in on some of these high-profile conversations. 

If there is a topic that interests you that you are unable to find a room for, you can create your own room or club. It is recommended that you start by creating a room first so that you can grow a following before officially starting a club for your topic. This will better position your club for continued growth. 

While there is a lot of buzz around the Clubhouse app, it is currently exclusive to iPhone users. Adding to its exclusivity, to become a member, you must be invited by an existing member. Once someone is invited, they are given two invitations to pass to friends. 

It is important for users to fully set up their profiles. This allows them to appear as more reputable on the platform. Adding not only an up-to-date profile photo but also a bio will help users be more likely to engage in conversations with each other. 

Joining Clubhouse allows users to gain access to information from conversations that they may otherwise not have had the opportunity to be a part of. 

We hope to hear from you in Clubhouse soon!

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