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While Peyton Manning (most likely) rides off into the sunset with a Bud Heavy in hand and we all revel in the Coldplay/Beyonce/Bruno Mars halftime show supernova, please enjoy my top five 2016 Super Bowl ads.

Buick – She Odelled It

[youtube width=”980″ height=”511″][/youtube]
Emily Ratajkowski recreates the highlight of the 2014 NFL season to catch the coveted bouquet.

Kia – Walken Closet

[youtube width=”980″ height=”511″][/youtube]
Christopher Walken delivered another brilliant performance, inspiring Beige Sock Richard to stand out from the crowd and, of course, buy a Kia.

T-Mobile – Restricted Bling

[youtube width=”980″ height=”511″][/youtube]
Drake makes this spot shine. He delivers his lines perfectly and takes a dig at himself.

Heinz – Meet The Ketchups

[youtube width=”980″ height=”511″][/youtube]
Weiner dogs. Hot dog costumes.

NFL – Super Bowl Babies

[youtube width=”980″ height=”551″][/youtube]
The Super Bowl is already the NFL’s event. Then they go and steal the commercial break spotlight with a great concept excellently delivered by Seal and a collection of┬áSuper Bowl Babies.

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