Steps to Determine Core Values

A company’s core values shape the company culture and have a long-term impact on the business strategy. Finding the right core values for a company can take time and patience, but it will help guide overall success.

Clearly defining core values to employees will help ensure everyone is working towards the same goals. The chosen core values should be well-defined and expressed to employees regularly. They should be shown in each hierarchy of the company. 

We know core values are important, but how do you decide on the right ones for your company? The first step is to think about the things that reflect the behavior and decisions of your team. Take time to think about what you hope to gain from the core values that you set. 

Next, you should find role models. Have a few leaders at your company each create a list of individuals within your organization who stand out and the reasoning behind each choice. These should be people that you wish you had more of. 

Thirdly, you should compare the lists. Analyze any similarities and ask the leaders each to make a new list of what makes these particular traits valuable. This may take time, but it will help show why these values are important to the company. 

Now that you have a long list of traits in which you find value, you will need to narrow down the list. Start making edits and mark the ones that stand out as truly important. Get rid of the traits on the list that don’t drive as much value. You should continue this until you have around ten traits left. 

The final step is to take the time to decide which three to seven values truly stand apart from the others. These values need to be a core of your organization. 

Once you’ve decided on the values for your company, it will be important to educate existing employees on the values as well as create a strategy for training new hires on them. This will help ensure continued success through your core value program. 
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