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Social-Power Your Business: 48 Practical Tips For Propelling Your Enterprise To Social Success

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Most businesses have begun to recognize the importance and benefits of social media, but many are still only paying “lip service” to social media. They might start a Facebook page or Twitter account, but only update it once or twice a month with random information. They’re certainly not using social media’s full business-growing potential.

The top business leaders in nearly every market have integrated social media into their brands’ marketing and sales. It’s one reason they’re at the top. To help your company become a “social-powered enterprise,” Salesforce has published an ebook with practical steps you can take right now.

Among the 48 tips, you’ll find suggestions such as:

  • Start a senior executive team.
  • Write a social media policy for your staff.
  • Don’t just sell. Help.
  • Help every salesperson set up a daily social media routine.

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