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Sales and Marketing Integration

Bring visitors to your site. Convert them into leads. Track their behavior. Send them to sales. Close the deal. Not as easy as it looks, but with integrated marketing and sales automation, your company can start obtaining better leads, increasing close ratio, and lowering cost-of-sale while making bigger sales. We have the tech and the talent to implement and integrate your marketing and sales automation.

Sales and Marketing Integration Little Rock

Unified Field Marketing

New media is great and we’ve embraced it wholeheartedly. But we also read the data that says there’s still a lot of folks watching TV, reading the paper and looking out the window at billboards when they drive down the road. That’s why we work with our creative and media staff to utilize the appropriate blend of offline and online marketing (something we call the unified field) to achieve your goals.

Marketing Automation

Your sales team is invaluable to your business. But what if we could help them cover more territory and maximize their time by giving them only high quality leads? That’s exactly what marketing automation from Thoma can do.

Sales Integration

Getting sales and marketing on the same page is one of our areas of expertise. Through the use of smart marketing and the latest technology, we harness the power of your website to help you get more leads, more sales and more market share.

See how sales and marketing work together to create success.


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