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We like to work hard at Thoma. But we also like to have fun. And we always have fun at our annual film festivals, but this year, for the first time, we combined some of our favorite things: teamwork, parties, and fast deadlines.

Our film festival was held on Halloween and everyone came to the office at 8:30 am without a clue about what the day would hold. We were each given a randomly chosen teammate, the prompt for the films, and eight hours. Each team of two had until 4:30 pm to concept, film, edit and finalize their short film.

Of course, because of the holiday, the prompt was to use the phrase, “Wow, that was scary,” in some way.

At the end of the day, we all met back at the office and watched our films while enjoying seasonal beers and delicious snacks from Maddie’s. Then everyone voted for their favorites in three different categories.

It was a great day, full of creative ideas and the occasional technical malfunctions. My own team filmed our entire video and didn’t realize until 2 pm that we’d forgotten to say the prompt on camera! A few fast car rides and some sprinting later, we’d re-filmed on location and were back in the office at 3 pm to finish editing.

The three awards this year were Scariest Film, Most Creative Film, and Best in Show. We had such a fun variety of films, different styles and hilarious interpretations. I would never have come up with some of the ideas I saw at the festival, I’m always so impressed with everyone’s creativity and quick-thinking at the Thoma film festivals.

Our entire team proved their creative chops this past October and learned a little bit more about each other along the way. It was an exciting day and our films prove the commitment everyone has to producing Thoma-worthy content.

Watch our videos below and let us know if you agree with our award winners!

But our Best in Show film is just too good, we should charge admission! Come by the office and we’ll show you “Drunk History: Thoma Thoma, by Melissa Thoma and Brian Hodges, on our big screen. Popcorn included!

Drunk History: Thoma Thoma by Melissa Thoma and Brian Hodges

Winner of Best in Show


When a Neighbor Calls by Wade McCune and Stephanie Drangle

Winner of Scariest Film

[youtube width=”910″ height=”736″][/youtube]


The P.O. (Precognition Order) by John Mark Adkison and Beverly Hall

Winner of Most Creative Film

[youtube width=”910″ height=”736″][/youtube]


That Wuz Scary! by Martin Thoma and Heather Royal

[youtube width=”910″ height=”736″][/youtube]

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