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Thoma Thoma


In 2022, Thoma facilitated the development of a comprehensive Culture Initiative aimed at encouraging the employee behaviors proven to increase organ, tissue and eye donation. The RESTORE program was a multi-month endeavor engaging ARORA staff with educational emails, encouraging reminders, awards and organization-wide activities. RESTORE utilized acronyms to highlight each key behavior.

2022 was an especially challenging year for building culture as the pandemic and construction of a new Little Rock headquarters necessitated a remote working environment. So almost all aspects of the program were delivered remotely.

Employees were introduced to the program at the 2021 staff-wide holiday party featuring an original composition performed to Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT. (click here to listen to the adapted version called RESTORE). Employees were gifted a keychain that would be fitted with silver letters spelling the word RESTORE that they could keep.

Each “letter” was highlighted monthly beginning with an introductory video and mailer including the silver letter to be added to the keychains passed out to all staff. Multiple educational emails utilizing gifs, interactive questions and video snippets were sent during the month. The highlight of each unit was a staff-wide activity centered around the theme of the unit that was delivered virtually, but encouraged team building and interaction among the dispersed staff.


  • Interoffice emails with embedded videos and gifs
  • Direct mail including kits
  • Specialty items as awards and mementos
  • Virtual and in person activities related to each learning unit


Full metrics on individual participation showed high participation across all media with the highest participation around the activities.

Focus group revealed great appreciation for the program along with several suggestions for building culture based programs in
the future.

One unit dedicated to introducing the new CEO to staff through meet and greet events and a special activity developed around his personal passion for jigsaw puzzles.