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Thoma Thoma


Having grown to $2 billion in size and surpassed the century mark in age, Planters Bank was rapidly expanding throughout the mid-South. From its beginnings as an agricultural bank serving central Mississippi, it had stretched its footprint through acquisition and de novo branching from New Orleans, Louisiana to Memphis, Tennessee.

In the opinion of bank leadership, it was time to cement the organization’s brand positioning and codify and propagate its culture intentionally and methodically.

Thoma delivered its Brand Navigator consultation–guided by extensive research among Planters Bank’s employees, customers and communities–to crystallize the position of this rapidly growing regional bank. We developed the first comprehensive system of brand statements and core values. Additionally, we designed a road show for its executive team to roll out the new framework to the entire organization.


  • Comprehensive, research-driven brand strategy marked by authentic, highly memorable mantras
  • High energy internal brand launch conducted as an executive roadshow in three prominent cities within the bank’s service area
  • Set the stage for multi-year internal branding campaign driven by our proprietary Live Your Brand discipline
  • Established Employee Brand Council to propagate the internal brand


Extensive employment engagement and rapid adoption by the Employee Brand Council set the new brand framework off within the company like a fireworks show. Regular branch meetings conducted by Brand Ambassadors, growing engagement in the rewards program and extensive executive communications have crystallized the internal brand and set the stage for further growth.