Is Your Bank Marketing Like It’s 1999?

By October 26, 2017Banking Industry

Banks are time-tested institutions that have been around for centuries millennia — but when it comes to modernizing their marketing efforts, they can often live  in the past. The Financial Brand recently published an article titled Banks are Marketing Like It’s 1999. If you have a chance, be sure to read it. The gist of it is many banks planned to modernize their marketing efforts for 2017 — such as increasing use of digital channels, online marketing and data analytics — but when it came time to allocate budgets and deploy tactics, most bank marketing plans kept to traditional and offline strategies.

After reading through the fascinating article ourselves, we decided the stats presented by The Financial Brand would make a totally rad infographic, especially since the design demanded a 90’s pop theme (ala Saved By The Bell). But we took the information a step further. We also included stats on why online and mobile marketing are so important for banks — especially in today’s smart phone-driven economy.

So without further ado, we’re proud to present “Is Your Bank Marketing Like It’s 1999?” (Developed by our prodigiously talented art director, Sara Neal)

We understand there’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to marketing your bank online. The list of social media tasks alone seems endless, and more often than not, bank marketing teams are a one-person shop (maybe with an intern, too). But it’s important to stay on trend with your marketing efforts, engaging both current and potential customers where they are interacting online. And that doesn’t just include marketing to millennials. Baby Boomers are engaging with banks digitally as well.

This is not to say we think traditional marketing efforts no longer deserve any budget room — offline tactics definitely still deliver high results even in today’s screen-obsessed culture. We believe in integrating offline and online efforts into a unified marketing effort to produce highest-potential growth for your bank.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Thoma can help your bank achieve its high goals with offline and online marketing, contact our Senior Digital Strategist Ashley Steele at or 501-975-4694.

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