How is technology affecting your culture?

By September 14, 2021Inbound Marketing

Your company culture defines the values of an organization. The best way to establish the culture is through strong communication. The struggles of working through a pandemic have made communication even more difficult and thus leaving the need for a strong communication strategy to be even more vital to company success. Here we will discuss three key communication standards to ensure your use of technology is beneficial to your company culture. 

1.) Agree how and where to communicate

Determining the best communication channel for your employees should be one of the first steps in developing your communications plan. Discussing not only how to communicate, but also where will help employees understand what is expected of them. If employees are expected to handle quick and short questions through chat apps such as Google Hangouts, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or other means, then the company needs to be clear in this communication. 

It may make sense to have a strategy for different channels of communication to be used in different situations. For example, an email may be best used for a situation that doesn’t require an immediate response. However, phone and chat communications allow for a more immediate answer; therefore, these may be best used for urgent matters. Your company should build a plan that clearly expresses when it is appropriate to use email, phone, chat, in-person, and other communication channels.  

2.) You should write down important information

While we all like to think we have great memories, the truth is that we sometimes forget important information. The best way to ensure communication is clear and stays front of mind is to write it down. The space in which you choose to write the information is just as vital as the information itself. If misplaced, it can be gone forever. 

Therefore, choose a relevant space that is regularly revisited to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. This can be an email, an announcement, or a chat channel. Wherever it is written, it is vital that all pertinent employees are able to see it. 

3.) Key Performance Indicators should be visible to employees at all times

Keeping employees informed and aligned with the company-wide goals helps to ensure everyone is working toward the greater good of the organization. Keeping a unified dashboard of tasks and goals helps remove the vagueness of roles and responsibilities, helps the company remain results-driven, and keeps everyone accountable. 

There are several technology platforms that are available that may prove useful for keeping employees informed. These can range from chat systems such as Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts, internal alert boards, cloud-based platforms such as Google docs/sheets, project management platforms such as SmartSheets and Microsoft Project, and more. 

The Thoma team has a cloud-based spreadsheet dashboard that we regularly visit twice per day. Through the activation of this process, employees are able to re-visit their project grid at any point during the day to ensure they are keeping in line with the priorities listed.

If you haven’t implemented a communication strategy within your organization, it isn’t too late! Contact our team, and we’d be happy to help.

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