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The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League. It is held every year and is the most-watched American television broadcast of the year — oh, you already know what the Super Bowl is? Ok. Then you know the commercials are a big deal, right? Alright. We can get into the five Super Bowl ads I’m excited about.

Marmot – Meet the Marmot

Are you kidding me? Look at how cute that little marmot is. It seems that Marmot is shirking the emotional, adventure-driven messages of its competitors for a friendlier, more casual ethos in their Super Bowl debut.

Mini – #DefyLabels

Serena Williams is simply amazing, and has been #defyinglabels since she set foot on the international tennis scene. Great choice by Mini to use Serena, Abby Wambach and others to drive their message.

Doritos – Doritos Dogs

Literally the only reason this ad is on my list is because they put a handful of cute dogs in their spot.

Kia – Walken Closet

As long as Christopher Walken delivers a performance with any sliver of the same attitude as in the clip above, I’ll be a happy camper.

GoDaddy – Not Running any Ads

GoDaddy, the Michael Jordan of classless marketing, will not be running any ads during Super Bowl 50. After last year’s puppy mill-inspired spot (which you can view above), it’s probably a good call to sit this one out.

Be on the lookout for our review of the best Super Bowl ads in the days after the big game.

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