Core Values Drive the Culture

At Thoma, our core values are ingrained in our company culture. These values are not just plans, goals, or fears that focus on the outcome. Instead, our values are used to guide the decisions we make. 

In the TedTalk “Why we Need Core Values,” James Franklin stated that everything we do is about fostering healthy and positive relationships. This starts with our core values. Some of these values are learned at a young age as we watch others. We learn leadership skills from watching our parents, team skills through athletics or clubs, time management skills through routine daily schedules, and many more skills throughout our lives. 

The goal behind every decision driven by our core values is: “Is this going to help us?” Each company should strive to ensure that their employees can answer that question with a confident yes or no. 

Thoma starts developing this knowledge with new employees through our onboarding training. Our team focuses on six core values: 1) Be the solution. 2) Use your outside voice. 3) More willing. Less waiting. 4) We first. Me second. 5) Evolve or die. 6) Do it well. Do it right. Do it now. 

“Be the solution” is a simple way to ask employees to work to solve problems and avoid creating them. This is a great way to remind employees to ask for help when they need it and be willing to go the extra mile to ensure their work is error-free. Choosing to be a solution to the team helps prevent repetitive work and can also help reduce another person’s workload thus driving growth opportunities.

Asking employees to “Use your outside voice” may sound strange at first. However, at Thoma, this is our way of asking for everyone to communicate clearly and effectively. We want to ensure we stay on top of deadlines, are respectful of each other’s time, and ensure that we close the loop. 

When we ask our employees to be “More willing and less waiting,” it is our way of saying remain positive and proactive. We want our employees to be decisive and own any responsibility that is theirs. 

The core value of “We first. Me second.” may sound simple; however, it is important to not only acknowledge it but to also follow through. We know work can get busy; however, putting the team’s goals ahead of your own individual goals can help drive success for the company as a whole. 

Most industries have seen many changes over the years. Our advertising agency is very familiar with this. Therefore, we strive to teach our employees the importance of the value “Evolve or die.” We must continue to seek out new techniques, become experts at what we do, and push our teammates out of their comfort zones. 

Lastly, we like to remind our employees to “Do it well. Do it right. Do it now.” This core value encourages employees to exhibit passion and conviction every day. We want them to care about their jobs and perform to the best of their ability. 

The goal is to become the “Ultimate Teammate.” According to James Franklin, this person is the individual who has earned the respect of their peers.

We challenge you to all become the ultimate teammate of your workspace.

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