Communicate Here, There, and Everywhere

Branding is all around us. Even if you don’t notice it, our brains are subconsciously picking up on little cues here and there. Because of this, it is vital for your brand to communicate here, there, and everywhere. 

Have you ever found yourself asking for a Kleenex or Chapstick? These two names are simply brands that formed a strong brand identity, to the point where the products they sell have become synonymous with the brands. 

How did Kleenex and Chapstick do this? They were there. When you entered the checkout line at Walmart, they were there. When you went to pick up your medicine at the pharmacy, they were there. When you went to pick up sunscreen for your summer trip, they were there. 

Though you may not have needed the product at the time, these brands were always working to stay in front of your eyes and at the top of your mind. 

You may now be asking yourself, “How can my brand do this?” The simple answer is to communicate your brand everywhere in which a potential customer may find you. It is something that may start slow, but eventually becomes part of your brand identity. 

The type of product or service that you offer may cause the types of marketing strategies to vary; however, the concept will remain the same. For example, Chapstick may choose to have shelf signs in the stores in which its products are located to help pull its items away from the clutter of the shelves. FNBC Bank, on the other hand, may have window clings on its entry doors calling out a new service. Both strategies remind customers of something being offered to them. The more that they see it, the more they will be aware of it. Therefore, they will know where to go when it is time for them to need the product or service. 

The best way to be everywhere is to overlay multiple strategies. This means digital, print, and home-delivered media tactics should all be considered as options to be used at the same time. 

Digital media tactics offer the ability to meet your target customer at home, on the road, or even while they are walking through the store in which you want them to make a purchase. An example of this could be FNBC Bank sending a notification of its Treasury Management offerings once customers are within a 1-mile radius of its banks. While this may not have been top of mind at the time for the customer, this notification could lead them to decide to stop in and ask questions. 

Printed media tactics can be something as simple as a table tent or poster. Each of these options can build brand awareness as potential customers conduct their daily lives. If this is inside of the bank, then these subtle reminders should be spread out as to not overwhelm the customer with information. 

Lastly, home-delivered media tactics meet the target customer at their place of comfort. While they filter through their mail, your brand is sure to be seen. Though, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. 

Because of this, overlaying media tactics help drive the idea of your brand into the minds of your target audience. This strategy allows you the opportunity to meet your target audience no matter where they are.

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