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Thoma Thoma


Thoma served as agency of record for Command Pest Control 2021-2023

From 2021-2022:
– SEO traffic (+17% / 10,563 to 12,368)
– Local SEO conversions (+33% / 738 to 985)

2023 1st quarter KPIs:
– Organic website users: 4,518 (+18% Y/Y)
– Organic goal completions: 635 (+39% Y/Y)
– Paid search clicks: 1,202 (+153% Y/Y)
– Paid search conversions: 328 (+162 Y/Y)
– Cost per conversion: $29.64 (-17% Y/Y)

2022 SEO KPIs:
– Little Rock Net Target KW Change: +194 (13 Top 5)
– Springdale Net Target KW Change: +274 (15 Top 5)

Thoma Thoma


The following activities were pulled directly from work conducted on behalf of Command Pest Control. Ultimately, these activities (among others) served the leading (keyword rankings) and lagging (traffic and conversions data) indicators.

Account Management
Monthly Check-ins
Performance Auditing
Daily Communication

Project Management
Project Planning & Pacing
Internal Coordination

Local SEO Activities
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
GBP Setup & Verification
GBP Setup & Verification
Citation Buildout, Listings Mgmt.
Backlink Auditing
GBP Post Scheduling
Review Acquisition & Mgmt.
Review Monitoring & Mgmt.

On-page SEO Activities
Force SSL
Address GSC Errors
Schema Auditing
Schema Implementation
Interlinking Auditing & Work
Metadata Optimization
Site Health Corrections
Content Production

SEO Content Activities
Industry-specific Pages
Pest Control Pages
Service Area & Location Pages:
• Target Markets
• Specific Cities
Expanding Existing Content
FAQ Content
Content Outlines & Briefs