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It’s been said that culture is what happens when the boss leaves the room. The most thoughtfully developed core values will only drive organizational performance if staff is practicing them. 

Day to day, employees are constantly evaluating how decisions are made, what is important to the leaders, and how they should respond and behave. If leadership has set the tone through culture, staff has a North Star to follow. 

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Communication is key. You must have regular dialogue about culture within the organization.

The past two years have seen a huge disruption in interoffice communication with the Covid-19 pandemic. One way to ensure culture is reinforced from the top-down and bottom-up, regardless of where staff is working from, is to use digital means like social media and employee intranet.  

Here are three ways to use technology to effectively promote culture.

  1. Share your philanthropic efforts. 

People love to be part of an organization that is improving the world, so do not be afraid to showcase your philanthropic efforts to your staff and beyond. 

Sunrise Banks in the Minnesota Twin Cities is a certified B corporation, meaning that it meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. The bank does an excellent job of telling its story as a “force for good,” using a signature hashtag #wedogood to share its efforts. Even better, Sunrise Banks reinforces the brand internally and links the digital culture to the physical office with signage and promotional materials. 

“We don’t just want to be the best IN the world, we want to be the best FOR the world,” the bank says on its website. “It’s about being part of a global movement that uses business to solve social and environmental problems.”

Sunrise Bank of St. Paul, Minnesota, reinforces its #wedogood message internally through signage and promotional materials.
  1. Recognize and reward.

Modern workers, compared to previous generations, value purpose and fulfillment in what they do for a living. Digital tools like social media and intranet can be key in promoting positive culture with staff shoutouts. 

Publishing these shoutouts through an internal social media account or intranet meets two of Thoma’s Ten Commandments for Reward and Recognition, “make it visible” and “encourage participation”. 

With peer-to-peer recognition and reward programs, you promote a culture of celebration and productivity. 

  1. Inspire creativity and a little healthy competition.  

Our client, FNBC Bank, recently engaged its brand council in a contest to see who could make the best video demonstrating one of its core values, Accountability in Action. The competition helped to spread the word about and reinforce this core value, while also engaging staff through a healthy competition. 

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