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In response to the growing opioid epidemic in Arkansas, Together Arkansas embarked on a mission to empower businesses in the region to foster a prepared and drug-free workforce while extending support to employees grappling with opioid-related challenges. We highlight the strategic approach taken by Thoma in developing and executing a comprehensive 6-month paid social media campaign aimed at Arkansas business owners and executives. The campaign revolved around a meticulously crafted business toolkit, comprising educational resources such as fact sheets, posters, rack cards, and a PowerPoint slide deck, all designed to equip businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to address opioid-related issues effectively.


Clicks: 6,257
CTR: 1.11%
Impressions: 863,463

New Users: 4k
(from social 1.4k)
Page views for toolkit: 4.2k
Total Toolkit Downloads: 711

Clicks: 2,836
CTR: 2.25%
Impressions: 132,771


  • Paid media campaign across two social networks
  • Strategic planning and consultation
  • Campaign theme and identity development
  • Creative development of business toolkit resources
  • Creative development and implementation of video animations
  • Website development to track business toolkit deliverables

Obstacles: The campaign ensured that all the resources created by Thoma were easily accessible to businesses and individuals. Fact sheets, posters, and rack cards were made available for printing and display, making them convenient additions to bulletin boards and break rooms. Moreover, the PowerPoint slide deck was encouraged for use in employee orientations or as a reference for informational meetings.