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The Power of 8 Educates Teens Through An Entertaining Experience

“Would you like to register to be an organ donor?” This is a question that every teenager in Arkansas will be presented at the DMV when getting a driver’s license. It’s important to ARORA —the state’s largest nonprofit charged with recovering organs and tissues for transplantation — that young people have access to the information needed to answer this question, both intelligently and confidently. Through its efforts to grow awareness and knowledge among high schoolers, ARORA hopes to inspire a new generation of ambassadors for organ and tissue donation.

The is a gaming-inspired resource that allows high schoolers to learn about the process, purpose and life-changing benefits of organ and tissue donation. Through a series of eight animated videos, students accompany an avatar named Arora as she embarks on a training mission to help save and restore lives. 

Additional online opportunities include interactive features that provide valuable insight on human organs and tissues, the history of donation, myths and facts about organ and tissue donation, and even career opportunities in medical care and social work.​


  • Microsite
  • Series of eight animated videos
  • Teachers’ and parents’ welcome packet
  • Marketing automation to provide personalization and completion certificates


The “Power of 8” is available to all Arkansas public and private high school students.