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Thoma Thoma


Like many colleges today, Hendrix College must fight for every student. As its leadership looked for a competitive advantage, it was interested in exploring various pricing models that might draw interest or lower barriers to application. A host of questions had to be answered before making such a significant strategic move and the college turned to Thoma to help it evaluate the options.

Thoma designed and completed a multi-stage qualitative and quantitative study that shed light on how pricing factors into the student decision journey; the research made it clear that a program similar to its Arkansas Advantage scholarship would be well received by out-of-state students and parents. Thoma launched Hendrix Advantage Plus, a scholarship program that meets 100% of the demonstrated financial needs of high-achieving students.


  • Creation of a high intensity six-week surround-sound campaign that included collateral, direct mail, landing pages, email marketing, press materials, paid social ads and paid social influencers.
  • The distribution strategy included look-alike audience based on current student population, custom audiences of students who followed competitors’ pages, geo- targeted custom audiences pulling high school markets and high schools and custom audiences built on particular models with which Hendrix excels – student athletes, the Odyssey, pre-med and the arts.


Thoma was able to garner significant online impressions and engage prospective students through social ads, print collateral and email marketing. Over the course of the campaign, Thoma sent a total of 283,700 emails to prospective students, clergy members, counselors and parents and through A/B testing was able to increase clicks by 40%. Through Thoma’s engagement with influencers, more than 2 million impressions generated more than 300 visits to the Hendrix website.