Aiming to redefine its brand and grow assets, Thoma helps FNBC make the mark. 

FNBC was a bank on the move. With a century-long track record in north Arkansas, strong share in core markets, and a deep well of community goodwill, FNBC had a lot going for it. But it was also emerging from a period of regulatory scrutiny and fighting deeply entrenched competitors in its highest potential growth markets. FNBC Bank was ready to grow aggressively, and it thought an agency could help.


That’s when the bank turned to Thoma Thoma to help differentiate, craft a compelling value proposition and develop breakthrough marketing programs that would move the needle. Their goals: grow market share, grow assets and redefine the brand both internally and externally.

Deploying our Brand Navigator, Thoma helped the bank define its core and bring to life its new identity as “FNBC: Community Bankers.” The first initiative, to update and broadcast this identity as a symbol of the new era, entailed resigning the entire system and announcing it with an internal/external campaign.


Thoma then helped bank management stand up and facilitate an Employee Brand Council that would clarify, articulate and champion the new Brand Principles and Brand Values codified in the Brand Navigator’s Brand Leadership Frames. The Brand Council gave the bank culture a shot in the arm as it led the internal launch and subsequent culture development.


A year later, the bank’s focus on community involvement and identity was personified in its “Better Together” campaign, which shows how exceptional, dedicated service is mutually beneficial to customers and employees. Better Together was so popular with employees and customers that the bank accelerated development of the second wave of creative.


Bank leaders like numbers of course, and FNBC’s program is anchored by a very big one: grow from $360 million in assets to more than $500 million in a little more than two years. We framed this aggressive organic growth goal with a compelling internal campaign: Reach 500, featuring challenges, team-building experiences and collective celebrations.


In just two years working with Thoma, FNBC is well on its way to meeting its goals. Employees and customers (and potential customers) have embraced the new brand identity and culture. FNBC is attracting star talent from competing banks; they’re coming for the culture. The bank has been among the American Banker’s “Best Banks to Work For” two years in a row. And a recent article in Independent Banker magazine praised the ground-up rebranding and strategic, cultural change.


Finally, in 2016 the bank achieved exceptional organic growth to $415 million, a story that is only building momentum.