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Looking to accelerate business growth, a tech firm looks to Thoma Thoma for new positioning.

Celerit was a successful technology services provider with a problem. Rooted in an IT temporary staffing firm, the company had grown to provide integrated managed hosting services for both very small and very large banks. Celerit’s prospects often said, “I can’t tell that you actually serve clients like me.” The company’s position, value proposition and product set were diffuse, confusing and counterintuitive.


Thoma led Celerit’s leadership through our proprietary Brand Navigator brand strategy process, an effort that yielded a cohesive, comprehensive new positioning for the company. Playing on the Latin roots of its name (the same root as “accelerate”) and its foundations in talent sourcing, we showed how Celerit was “redefining IT as ‘intellectual talent to accelerate your business.’” Using dramatic and bold graphics featuring “fast” connotations, we played up the company’s positioning as a business accelerant.


Company and competitor sales reps alike claimed that Celerit’s new collateral and advertising was “best in class.” Restructuring the service offerings into a more rational and intuitive framework eliminated the confusion clients were experiencing. Celerit laid the foundation for greater leverage and more productive sales conversations.